Company Profile

BRG Energy Limited is one of the fastest and youngest growing organizations in the manufacturing business of Distribution and Power Transformers. BRG was formed in the year 2006 and within just 3 years of inception BRG has posted sales revenue of 140 cr (30 million USD).

BRG believes in deploying the latest state-of-the-art Technology, Processes and Equipments to give the best of products to the customers. BRG also has a highly efficient and effective after sales service team in place, supporting all its installations across India. BRG Energy Ltd. is one undoubtedly of the leading, bulk manufacturers - supplier of high quality Distribution and Power Transformers up to 31.5 MVA, 66KV Class in India.

The manufacturing base of BRG is located at Pashamylaram from where the Distribution and power Transformers with Silicon Steel Cores are rolled out.

Values @ BRG

  • Transparency in Management & Corporate Governance – Trust, Openness, Integrity, Mutual Respect, Result orientation
  • Create, Maintain & Retain Talent
  • Vertical Integration to attain Quality & Cost Leadership
  • Customer Centric Approach – Customer Satisfaction & Beyond
  • Manufacturing Process Automation
  • Benchmarking Best Practices in X’mer Industry
  • Technological innovation
  • Investments to improve Quality
  • Adaptable & flexible to new trends & challenges
  • Safety, Health & Hygiene for all employees
  • Attention to environment


BRG has tied up with METGLAS USA for a supply agreement of Amorphous Metal Alloy ribbons for its production of the transformers with Amorphous Metal Alloy Cores. Amorphous Transformers possess non crystalline structure. This structure allows amorphous core metal to align itself under very less magnetization current when the core is excited thereby reducing the hysterisis component in the No load losses. Amorphous Metal Cores have been extensively used for energy efficiency programs around the world and find rich use in Asia and Americas. Field testing of these transformers has also proved that they yield better performance under current and voltage Harmonics.

BRG has world class manufacturing facility for Amorphous Metal Core Transformers at Jadcherla (around 65 kms from Hyderabad). BRG actively seeks and nurtures effective partnerships with like minded organizations that can provide a complete solution in the power sector. Currently BRG is on the verge of looking out to partner with leaders in manufacturing of Extra High Voltage Class Power Transformers. BRG also welcomes to enhance its operational and technical know how through strategic partnerships and collaborations in the area of EHV Power Transformers.

Road Ahead – Future Insight

  • Export market will be very soon thrust area for BRG Energy Limited. BRG has made its very first stride in this direction by receiving an order for 10 MVA.
  • BRG plans to penetrate in manufacturing of Large Power EHV Transformers.
  • The organisation also plans to establish an ERP based manufacturing for reduction on lead times for the deliveries and purchases.
  • In an effort to optimize the cost input BRG also plans to have a complete backward integration in Transformers manufacturing.


  • BRG has achieved sales revenue which surpassed the 150 Cr mark within 3 years of its establishment.
  • BRG has added 15 new customers to its clientele in the FY 2009-10.
  • BRG has started the process of establishing a state of the art automated fabrication facility which houses all the modern day machineries such as Robotic Welding, Plasma cutting and high speed Turret punching machine.
  • BRG has initiated the process of setting up a state of the art facility for manufacturing of low loss, highly energy efficient Amorphous Core Transformers in collaboration with METGLAS USA which would help reducing the T&D losses in the Country.
  • Copper Conductor plant for Wires and Strips is being established.
  • Fully Automatic Core Processing Plant for Cutting and Slitting is underway.
  • The manufacturing capacity of BRG has witnessed astronomical growth of 100%.

BRG Clients