BRG has a complete and full-fledged design team comprising of more than 20 engineers using fully automatic design software providing the optimum design based on the then prevailing cost of the raw materials. The entire tender and the manufacturing drawings are linked to this most optimal design and generated by using the latest 2D/3D modeling software. These latest design practices help in obtaining optimum electrical and mechanical design and produce the best quality of transformers at the most economical prices.

BRG is capable of designing transformers confirming to different standards (viz.) BIS, DIN, ANSI, SABS, BS and IEC etc. Its team of qualified and well trained engineers constantly works on product development and develops more and more efficient Designs.


The factory is situated in the industrial area of Andhra Pradesh which is around 35 kms from Hyderabad. Over an area of more than 25000 sq mts. this unit has a complete line of operations such as

  • Core Assembly and forming built cores.
  • Winding
  • Core Coil Assembly
  • Tanking

The total manpower of the organization is around 300 persons who are tirelessly working on product manufacturing and continuous development. The annual installed manufacturing capacity of BRG stands at a staggering 5500 MVA for this Unit.

To further strengthen its manufacturing capabilities, BRG is currently implementing a fully automated and highly mechanized in house tank fabrication line, which is expected to be operational within a time frame of 3 months. This facility will produce around 400 tanks of average capacity 63 kVA per day. Sophisticated facilities for shot blasting, powder coating, Robotic welding, Plasma arc cutting, Turret Punching etc… are also being installed in this automated line.

Amorphous Core Transformers Manufacturing Facility

Did you know that the Power Sector contributes 51% of the Climate Change? In its effort to work for a greener tomorrow, BRG has launched its GEN nXt Transformer which reduces carbon foot print in the power sector.

The Amorphous Metal Core Transformers

The no load losses in these transformers are reduced by 70% as compared to the conventional type and they fair much better under non linear loading conditions (Voltage and Current Harmonics). BRG boasts of one of the very best manufacturing bases for AMDT’s in India.

This unit has a keen focus on quality with a mix of quantity but not quantity driven alone. Amorphous Ribbons are procured from METGLAS, USA which is a subsidiary of HITACHI Metals. Over 45000 sq m of area has been earmarked for manufacturing AMDT. This facility also boosts of in-house conductor processing plant with fully automated fabrication unit.

The plant contains latest state of the art cutting machines for Amorphous from Korea which is the heart of the manufacturing process. 'BRG' make Amorphous Core Transformers is made with high quality METGLAS™ Amorphous Ribbons. METGLAS™ is pioneers in manufacturing Amorphous Metal Alloy and has invested heavily in the R&D of this product. BRG has also type tested Amorphous Core Transformers successfully at CPRI which complies with Star 3 efficiency and loss values of BEE Star and Labeling program and now in the process of getting Star 4 and Star 5 Transformers type tested at CPRI.

BRG Clients